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Ball Valves


SEDE: Pogliano Milanese (MI)

Ball Valves


The company RBR was founded in 1964 by the present owners and immediately affirmed its presence on the market amongst the most well known leading manufacturers of valves for industrial applications. For more than 35 years RBR has designed, engineered, manufactured and delivered BALL VALVES which are installed and successfully perform in various plants world-wide.
The experience gained in many years of activity by dealing with all major End Users, Contractors, Engineering and Constructors world-wide in the Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil, Gas, Onshore, Offshore markets, together with the implementation of DESIGN and MANUFACTURING PROCEDURES necessary to meet the most demanding customer’s specifications, allowed RBR to become a key player in the world valve market.
Under the constant supervision of the management and thanks to the large investments in human resources and equipment, RBR has grown to the point of being today regarded as a world class high quality valve manufacturer with the ISO 9001 accreditation certified by a world class independent Inspection Agency and API 6D monogramming authorisation. RBR Technical and Engineering departments are managed by highly qualified engineers with more than 30 years of experience in valve designing.
Computerisation is a belief in RBR, where CAD systems are implemented in the Technical and Engineering departments as well as for the entire manufacturing cycle which is managed by a central main computer and local PCs with dedicated softwares, starting from the quotation stage to be ending at the delivery point.
Particular emphasis has been given by RBR to the development of the machining capability and capacity where no efforts and investments have been spared for constant upgrading, utilising the most sophisticated state of the art equipment.
Skilled personnel and the utilisation of computerised numerically controlled equipment throughout the entire manufacturing cycles are key factors, which determine and assure the quality of the RBR products. All production processes, standard and special, are identified, implemented, verified and managed by highly qualified personnel who undergo periodically scheduled training courses. The quality of the valves manufactured has always been a priority for RBR, as well as the after sales service: CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is the mission of RBR, with no compromises.
Located into the heart of the north Italian most important industrial area, RBR headquarter covers a total surface of more than 16.000 square feet, with 4.000 square feet office space, and are placed at close distance from main shipping points (road, air and sea) with easy access for transport vehicles.


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