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Applus Velosi

Steel Belt Systems

Applus Velosi

VELOSI Group was founded in 1982 in Malaysia to provide asset integrity, quality assurance, quality control and various other engineering services to leading oil and gas companies worldwide. VELOSI Group operates globally from five regional headquarters in the USA, UK, South Africa, UAE and Malaysia. Applus+ Velosi has 70 offices in 50 countries worldwide.
Applus+ Velosi can offer you everything from quality assurance to quality control; we also can handle the manufacturing process from inspection to legislative certification.
The strength of approach comes from offering a global service while meeting local needs. Applus+ Velosi achieves this because by operating in all the world’s major established and emerging markets.
From your local offices you will be able to easily access Velosi network to receive the service that you need. This approach provides a solution to companies who are trying to control operations in unfamiliar territories remotely.
You will benefit from our knowledge of local customs, laws and practices. Velosi experience in these different locations will enable us to help you achieve your goals more effectively.
By combining global coverage and local knowledge with Velosi wide range of services BEAMAT is able to create tailored solutions to individual problems. Our range of inter-related services and modular methodology ensures that we can accommodate a wide range of projects.
By cutting through red tape, BEAMAT provides companies with the highest levels of commitment and personalized service.


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